Saturday 30th Sep 2023


Road accident in Deganga, 5 injured!

3 college students met with an accident on their way home from a birthday party. The accident took place in the early hours of today, Saturday, near D [...]

Fatal road accident in Uluberia, 3 dead!

3 people lost their lives in a terrible road accident on Monday evening. Among the dead are the car driver and two female passengers. This incident [...]

Horrible road accident in Hathras, 6 pilgrims dead and atleast 8 injured!

A tractor trolley carrying pilgrims was hit by a tragic road accident in Hathras. 6 devotees lost their lives after being hit by a truck. At least [...]

Another bus accident in the city at night, several injured!

Another major accident in the city. Dakshineshwar-bound bus overturned. Several people were injured. After the accident, the injured were quickly r [...]

Car-bus collision, 8 dead and 12 injured in Haryana!

Horrible road accident in Haryana. A passenger bus and a car collided head-on. Due to which 8 people lost their lives. According to police sourc [...]

51 dead and 32 injured in a horrific road accident in Kenya!

Terrible road accident in western Kenya. At least 51 people died in the accident. 32 people were injured. According to sources, the accident happen [...]

12 killed and several passengers were injured after 2 buses collide in Ganjam district!

12 people died in the tragic road accident. 7 more were seriously injured. Yesterday, Sunday, the accident took place in Odisha's Ganjam district. The [...]

Terrible road accident in Mexico, 26 people dead on the spot!  

A terrible road accident occured in Mexico. The accident killed 26 people. The incident took place on Sunday morning in the northern Mexican state [...]

16 school students injured in a road accident in Berhampore!

Tragic accident at seven in the morning. At least 16 school students were injured in a collision between a school bus and a lorry on Tuesday mornin [...]

Car looses control and hits a tree in Bishnupur, 4 seriously injured! 

Fatal road accident in Bishnupur. A car lost control and hit a tree. 4 people including 1 child were seriously injured in this incident. Today, Wed [...]
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