Saturday 30th Sep 2023


Jadavpur University student ragging-death: 13 booked under POCSO Act!

The Police have added POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses) Act in the case of student death in Jadavpur. It is said that this sectio [...]

Sourav Chowdhury, arrested in Jadavpur’s student death case, has been remanded to jail custody until September 8!

The court ordered Sourav Chowdhury, who was arrested in the case of a student death in Jadavpur University, to be kept in jail until September 8. S [...]

Governor C.V.Ananda Bose is fully responsible for the Jadavpur incident: Education Minister Bratya Basu

Now the topic of the death of the student in Jadavpur University reached the state assembly. Today, the BJP first brought the pending resolution on th [...]

Jadavpur University Dean of Students Rajat Roy has been summoned by the State Human Rights Commission!

Dean of Students Rajat Roy has been summoned by the State Human Rights Commission. The entire state is in turmoil in the Jadavpur incident. Outrage [...]

Dean of Science of Jadavpur University resigns!  

Uproar in Jadavpur University in the case of student death. Day by day new twists and turns are coming up in the incident. Jadavpur University got [...]

Jadavpur University’s new interim Vice-Chancellor is Professor Buddhadev Shaw!

When the entire country is in a frenzy over the sudden death of a first year student of Jadavpur University, Professor Dr. Buddhadeb Shaw takes over a [...]

A new set of guidelines announced by the Registrar of Jadavpur University!

Jadavpur University student's death has brought in a state of uproar. Anger-protest-protest across the state. At the same time, questions are being [...]

UGC not satisfied with Jadavpur University’s report, sends questionnaire!

The UGC has expressed its strong displeasure after seeing the report sent by Jadavpur University after the unusual death of the first year student. [...]

The report sent by Jadavpur University is satisfactory: UGC  

UGC is satisfied with the report sent by Jadavpur University. This was said by the Pro Vice Chancellor of the university, Abhijit Chakraborty. The [...]

Public interest litigation case filed in court regarding student death in Jadavpur University!

The state is in turmoil after the death of Jadavpur University student Swapnadeep Kundu. There is a storm of protests. Many students of Jadavpur have [...]