Sunday 14th Jul 2024


Horrible fire in Malda’s Englishbazar, 1 dead and at least 3 injured!

A terrible fire broke out in Englishbazar of Malda. It has been reported that there was fire in a firecrackers warehouse. First there was an explos [...]

Severed head found in a parking lot, recovered by the Police!

A severed head was rescued from the municipal parking lot. The venue is at the old hospital parking lot near Foara More, Malda. On Saturday, this i [...]

Fake notes recovered in Malda, 2 arrested!

A lot of fake notes recovered again in Malda. Today, Saturday, the Special Task Force of the State Police conducted an operation in Englishbazar. Two [...]

Shootout at Malda’s Englishbazar!

This time there was a shootout at Malda's Englishbazar. Yesterday night around 10 pm, the shooting broke out due to an argument between two friends in [...]

Youth arrested on charges of snatching gold chain in Englishbazar

Police have arrested a young man for snatching a gold necklace in Englishbazar. The arrested youth is a resident of Malda town. After questioning h [...]

Three 7mm automatic pistols and ammunitions recovered in Malda, 1 arrested

The STF of the state police had a great success. Six magazine with three 7mm automatic pistols and 18 fresh cartridges were recovered in Malda. A y [...]

Mysterious death of a young man in Malda

The youth had went out of the house with his friends on Sunday night but did not return. Today I.e Monday the recovery of the youth's body caused a st [...]

1 arrested with a firearm in Englishbazar  

Englishbazar Police arrested a miscreant with a firearm. It is learned that the arrested person is a resident of Murshidabad. A county shooter p [...]