Sunday 14th Jul 2024


Road accident in Deganga, 5 injured!

3 college students met with an accident on their way home from a birthday party. The accident took place in the early hours of today, Saturday, near D [...]

Shootout at Dinhata early in the morning, 1 dead and 5 injured!

Shootout at Dinhata continued. Today early morning there was a shootout again. One person died. 5 more people were injured. Trinamool Congress supr [...]

Four earthquakes in 24 hours in Jammu and Kashmir, 5 injured!

Jammu and Kashmir shook four times in the last 24 hours. Just like Tuesday, two tremors were felt within half an hour on Wednesday morning also. Du [...]

Four-storey building collapses in France, 8 missing!

A four-storey building collapsed in Marseille, France. 5 people are injured and 8 people are missing in this incident. The 8 missing people are believ [...]

53 killed, 5 injured in a terrorist attack in Syria!

53 killed in terrorist attacks in Syria. The dead included 46 civilians and seven soldiers. Five people were admitted to the hospital with serious inj [...]

5 injured in an explosion in Pakistan’s Balochistan!

The wounds of Peshawar blast are still afresh. Meanwhile, Pakistan was shaken by an explosion again. This time in Balochistan province. According t [...]

Road accident in Kolkata, 5 injured including 2 jawans! 

Road accident in Kolkata, 5 injured including 2 jawans. Another road accident in Kolkata. The accident took place on VIP Road near Laketown on Sund [...]

2 killed, 5 injured in a car carrying tourists on way to Darjeeling!

A tourist-laden car was involved in Siliguri road accident. 2 tourists from Nadia lost their lives on the way to Darjeeling. 5 were injured. The [...]

Head-on collision of an ambulance and a gas tanker, 5 including a newborn were injured in Phansidewa!

Another tragic road accident. An ambulance and a gas tanker had a head-on collision, five people including a newborn child were seriously injured. [...]

Lorry looses control and hits a hotel, 2 people killed on the spot!

Due to heavy rain. A Siliguri-bound lorry lost control and rammed into the roadside hotel. Two hotel workers died. The incident occured on the Nati [...]