Saturday 30th Sep 2023


Fire at a Barasat paint factory, 3 injured!

Fire at a paint factory. Due to the fire there was a sensation in the area. According to the latest reports, 3 were injured in the incident. The fi [...]

Terrible blast in Pakistan, 6 dead including 3 women!

6 people were killed in a terrible explosion in Punjab province in Pakistan. 3 others were injured. The exact cause of this explosion is not yet known [...]

Horrible fire in Malda’s Englishbazar, 1 dead and at least 3 injured!

A terrible fire broke out in Englishbazar of Malda. It has been reported that there was fire in a firecrackers warehouse. First there was an explos [...]

2 dead and 3 injured in a lightning strike in Murshidabad!

2 persons were killed by lightning in Samserganj and Suti Police Stations of Jangipur sub-division in two separate incidents during heavy rain in Murs [...]

Fire in Puri’s Lakshmi Market, 3 injured and more than 40 shops burnt to ashes!

A terrible fire has occurred in Odisha's Puri on Wednesday night. The fire first broke out at a garment shop on the ground floor of the Lakshmi Mar [...]

4 died after being hit by a truck in Mathabhanga!

The truck hit a Toto from behind. Due to which 4 people died. 3 others are under treatment in hospital with serious injuries. The incident took pla [...]

Fatal road accident in Saltlake Sector 5, 1 dead and 3 injured!

Another terrible road accident in Salt Lake's Sector 5 (Sector V). A young man died after his four-wheeler overturned on Monday night. 3 people were s [...]

Horrific road accident in Rajasthan, 9 dead and 3 injured!

9 people died due to car collision. Three others were seriously injured. The accident happened yesterday i.e. Sunday in Rajasthan's Sikar district. [...]

Six of the same family, including three children, died in a fire in Firozabad!

Fire in a factory. And due to that fire, 6 people including 3 children of the same family died due to the burns. Three others were injured. The tra [...]

Accident on Mumbai-Pune Expressway: 5 dead, 3 injured!

Fatal car accident on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. 5 people have died so for. 3 others were seriously injured. The accident took place on the expressway to [...]