Tuesday 30th May 2023

‘Losing Basudev Acharia was wrong’, comments Sukanta Majumder

‘Losing Basudev Acharia was wrong’, comments Sukanta Majumder

It was a mistake for the people of Bankura to lose Basudev Acharia as their MP. BJP State President Sukanta Majumder sparked controversy by making such remarks about the former CPIM MP during a party program in Bankura on Saturday. He said, “According Sukanta the TMC party misled the the people of Bankura,who lost a man like Basudeb and gave his seat to a heroine. It was a mistake to lose people like Basudeb Acharia. ”

He added, ‘Basudeb Acharia can do another political party. However, we respect those who work honestly in their personal lives.’

According to some political observers, the BJP is trying to win the support of a section of the CPM to strengthen the party in the face of the upcoming polls. In the words of Divyendu Singh Mohapatra, District President of Bankura, Trinamool Congress, ‘We have been saying for a long time that there is an alliance between Left and BJP. It is slowly coming to light. ‘

On the other hand, CPIM state committee member Abhay Mukherjee said, “The role that the Trinamool is playing in breaking up the anti-BJP alliance at the Center shows who is the real friend of the BJP.’