Sunday 14th Jul 2024

Missing youth of Murshidabad rescued from Howrah!

Missing youth of Murshidabad rescued from Howrah!

A couple from Vasaipaikar village found their missing child after about one year and three months with the help of Samserganj Police Station in Murshidabad.

The rescued teenager’s name is Sohail Sheikh (15). On Thursday, Samserganj Police officers rescued the teenager from a home in Lilua, Howrah after receiving information from secret sources.

On Friday, Sohail was brought to the Child Welfare Committee in Berhampore for counselling. The Police of Samserganj Police Station will take further action as per the instructions of the committee.

According to Police sources, Sohail came to Kolkata to work as a mason along with some other youths from Vasaipaikar village about a year and three months ago. Sohail suddenly quit the job due to conflict with the contractor. Communication with home was also cut off. An FIR was lodged with the Police on behalf of the family.

On investigation, the Police came to know that a call came to Sohail’s house with some information about him. While investigating on the basis of that phone number, the Police came to know that Sohail was in Salkia, Howrah.

The family of Salkia left Sohail at a home in Liluah when they came to know that the Police had started an investigation. Samserganj Police rescued Sohail from that home. After Sohail was rescued, the Police found him incoherent.