Saturday 30th Sep 2023

Fire at a Barasat paint factory, 3 injured!

Fire at a Barasat paint factory, 3 injured!

Fire at a paint factory. Due to the fire there was a sensation in the area.

According to the latest reports, 3 were injured in the incident. The fire incident occurred on Wednesday around 6 pm. It is reported that a fire broke out in a paint factory in Kadambagachi in Barasat.

The fire spread quickly as flammable materials were stored in the paint factory. Panic spread quickly in the area. The fire department was informed immediately after the fire.

According to local sources, before the arrival of the fire brigade, the local people started putting out the fire. 4 fire engines reached the spot. The exact cause of the fire is not yet known.

Initially, it is believed that the fire occurred from a short circuit. Many people were working in the factory at that time. 3 people were injured. They were taken to Barasat Hospital. The factory was heavily damaged in the fire. Although the fire was brought under control, it was not completely extinguished immediately. Firefighters worked very long to extinguish the fire.