Sunday 14th Jul 2024

Nurses busy talking on the phone,patient dies due to ‘negligence’

Nurses busy talking on the phone,patient dies due to ‘negligence’

Nurses were either busy talking on the phone or playing games. There was no one to look after the patient. No medical services were provided to the patient. The patient died in a short time due to negligence. Due to this tension erupted over the allegations at the Baruipur Sub-Divisional Hospital.

On Monday night, the patient was rushed to Baruipur Sub-Divisional Hospital for emergency. It is learned that 26-year-old Jabeda Bibi was brought to the hospital on Monday night by her family members due to stomach ache. The family complained that the patient was left untreated for a long time after being brought to the hospital. Despite repeated requests, no doctor was seen for a long time. After sometime even if a doctor in attended her, the nurses on duty did not show any interest in providing necessary medical services to Jabeda Bibi.

They complained that the nurses did not attend the patient at all. In addition, the nurses were busy talking on mobile phones and playing games. Shortly after this, Jabeda Bibi died. After that, the family members of the patient got angry. Due to which tension spread in the hospital premises. Upon receiving the news of the disturbance, a large Police force from Baruipur police station came to the spot and handled the situation.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Baruipur Sub-Divisional Hospital has been accused of medical negligence.They have been charged with medical negligence quite a number of times. However, the hospital authorities did not say anything abiut this. On the other hand, the family members of the patient have been vocal in demanding proper investigation and punishment of the culprits.