Saturday 30th Sep 2023

Former Deputy Mayor’s son arrested in Howrah Home Trafficking case

Former Deputy Mayor’s son arrested in Howrah Home Trafficking case

The son of the former deputy mayor of Howrah was arrested this time in a home incident in Mali Panchghara area. Earlier, his wife was arrested. A total of 11 people were arrested in the incident.

Howrah City Police arrested Sumit Adhikari, son of former Howrah Deputy Mayor Minati Adhikari, on Tuesday, Police sources said. Earlier, 10 people were arrested. Among them were Gitashree Adhikari, wife of Sumit Adhikari, and Devkumar Bhattacharya, a high-ranking official of the Social Welfare Department. Earlier this month, a child was sexually abused in the private home in the Mali Panchghara area of ​​Mali Howrah. From then on more such complaints started to arise. Last week, the police sealed the private home.

The home was built five years ago on the local Sri Ram Dhang Road. The home was named as Karuna West Bengal Child and Welfare Society of Howrah. .Geetashree Adhikari, daughter-in-law of the former deputy mayor, was the secretary of the organization. The sign board below the three-story house read ‘Cradle Baby Center’. At the same time there was a message given,which reads that “if a newborn is unwanted by his parents or family, leave him or her in this cradle without throwing him or her away or killing him or her. Give him a chance to live a healthy life.”

However, this month the children of the home complained that they could not live in a healthy way. A complaint was lodged with the Women’s Police Station on November 19. After that the police raided the home. Several children were rescued. Police have filed a case under various sections of the Pocso Act against the detainees. According to police sources, children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years were kept in the home.

Local residents complained that they regularly heard baby cries from the house. But no one could complain about the home as it was being run by an influential person. Further it was heard that the children were adopted from that home. But actually the sale of children was going on. Residents of the home were also victims of physical abuse.

The ruling party has been in trouble since the incident. Recently, BJP MLA Agnimitra Pal visited the home and demanded punishment for the culprits. Although the State’s Minister for Women and Child Welfare Shashi Panja said on the same day, the law will follow the law. The punishment for child abuse will be served .

Manilal Roy, a local resident, alleged, “Children were beaten in that home. The sound of crying would come out. No one dared to say anything. Because this home belonged to the son and daughter-in-law of the former deputy mayor.”

There have also been allegations that home authorities charged large sums of money for adoption of the children. Several organizations have also demanded financial support for them.