Saturday 30th Sep 2023

Rubber cultivation providing platform to rebuild Covid hit rural economy

Rubber cultivation providing platform to rebuild Covid hit rural economy

News Desk: Tripura Government has accorded the highest priority to the growth of the primary sector – the agri-allied sectors – to rebuild the Covid ravaged economy. Apart from involvement of the largest chunk of population with the sectors, the farming community of the State has successfully diversified agri-allied activities efficiently – and this aptly justifies focusing on the primary sector without worrying about disguised unemployment.

Rubber cultivation has already provided a noticeable impetus to the economy of rural Tripura. With the assistance and guidance by the State Government and the Rubber board, the rubber growers across the State are poised to move up the ladder of prosperity.

Khowai district has already made a mark in rubber cultivation and Kalyanpur sub-division under the district is thriving with rubber cultivation related activities. As per the local growers, rubber cultivation is spread over around 500 kani land (1 kani is roughly equal to 17280 sq. feet) in Kalyanpur sub-division area.

Most of the Inhabitants of West Ghilatali, East Ghilatali and North Ghilatali are directly or indirectly engaged with the Rubber sector. More than 500 families are earning a livelihood through providing manual labour in the rubber plantations. Local rubber producers claim that over 5000 families under Kalyanpur block are associated with the rubber cultivation and producing activities.

“Even as Covid pandemic has thrown life out of gear, villagers living in hamlets like Dachura, Saranjoy Chowdhury Para, Binoy Choumuhani, Debram Sardarpara and a part of Uttar Maharanipur are pulsating with activities”, said Gopal Choudhury, a rubber tapper.

According to Gopal Choudhury, Covid dealt a huge blow to economy– however, the rubber sector in Kalyanpur is, at least, helping them to stay afloat amidst the Pandemic.

It is the right time for the State Government as well as the Rubber Board, to come out with a comprehensive plan to enhance skills of the rubber growers and labourers and also, to create new avenues centering over the rubber production. Any such plan will help to make the people engaged with the rubber sector self reliant.

“Kalyanpur sub-division in Khowai district is in an excellent position in terms of rubber cultivation. Government may come out with plans to explore possibilities and help the locals accordingly aiming to attain self-reliance”, Rubber growers of Kalyanpur commented.