Saturday 30th Sep 2023

Kerala Tourism launched ‘In-Car’ dining amid pandemic fear

Kerala Tourism launched ‘In-Car’ dining amid pandemic fear

News Desk: To alleviate health risks and fear while eating out in public restaurants amid the pandemic, Kerala Tourism Development Coorporation (KTDC) in a unique move launched ‘In-car’ dining that will serve food to customers inside vehicles.

Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas said that ‘In-Car Dining’ will help customers remain in their parked vehicles, to where orders placed at KTDC’s Aahaar Restaurants will reach.

The scheme is being implemented considering public safety hazards as a slide in the second wave of the pandemic is expected to help the tourism industry pick up, the Minister said.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner besides snacks, will be served under ‘In-Car Dining’, adhering to Covid-19 the beginning only select KTDC restaurants will carry out the scheme, he added.

“In the process, ‘In-Car Dining’ seeks to provide our customers with a new experience,” Riyas said here on Friday evening after reviewing a set of ongoing tourism projects and the activities of KTDC.

“We plan to reach out to the people with safe and tasty food. KTDC hotel chains will be renovated under the project ‘Mission Facelift’ after classifying them on a priority basis,” he revealed, announcing major projects under the tourism corporation.

Floating restaurants will be set up in select destinations across the state on the lines of the one at Veli in Thiruvananthapuram of which the first will come up at Kadalundi, he added.