Saturday 30th Sep 2023

First Look of Revamped Gandhinagar Railway station Revealed

First Look of Revamped Gandhinagar Railway station Revealed

News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this Friday will attend the inauguration of remodeled Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station.

The Ministry of Railways has interpreted the revamped railway station as a ‘Marvel of technology and epitome of passenger’s comfort’.

PM Modi shared the breathtaking pictures of the Gandhinagar Railway Station on Twitter. On Firday, the PM will be flagging off two new trains. Those are Gandhinagar Capital – Varanasi Superfast Weekly Express and MEMU service trains between Gandhinagar Capital and Varetha.

“I have always wanted our Railway Stations to be of top quality, where apart from travels there is a boost to commerce, hospitality and more. One such effort has been made in Gandhinagar. The upgraded station will be inaugurated tomorrow,” Modi wrote on Twitter.

The Ministry of Railways notified that later retail, food and entertainment fora will be inaugurated inside the premises of the station. Brands like Big Bazaar and Shopper’s Stop have shown eagerness.

“The redeveloped station will function like a “city centre rail mall” where travel will be one of the several functions that it will serve,” told the Ministry of Railways.