Saturday 30th Sep 2023

Mysterious death of a youth at City Center 1!

Mysterious death of a youth at City Center 1!

A mysterious death of a youth.

The incident took place at Salt Lake City Center 1. It is known that the name of the dead youth is Chandan Mandal. According to sources, he was working in an event management company. He died suddenly on Sunday.

It is known that the young man named Chandan Mondal suddenly fell from the fourth floor of City Center on Sunday. The people present there immediately rescued him and took him to the nearest hospital where the youth was declared brought dead. The Police reached the spot after receiving the information. The news was given to the young man’s family.

Although the exact cause of death is not yet known, his family claims that he was under stress at work for the past few days. His family refused to accept the death of the young man as a mere fall. The accusations are towards the higher authorities of the youth’s office.

According to sources, before his death he had sent a message to his wife, in which he mentioned that he could not bear the pressure, the family claimed. And after that this accident happened. The family is reluctant to call the death a mere fall. But what exactly happened, carelessness, or suicide, the Police are conducting an investigation to find out the cause.