Tuesday 30th May 2023

Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarthi gets married for the second time at the age of 60! 

Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarthi gets married for the second time at the age of 60! 

Is there a certain age of love? Bollywood says, absolutely not. The fresh example is Ashish Vidyarthi. He got married for the second time.

His second love is Rupali Barua of Assam. Yesterday, Ashish-Rupali got legally and formally married in an intimate ceremony. The first marriage of the multi-regional actor was with veteran actress Shakuntala Barua’s daughter Rajoshi. The actor’s current wife is a resident of Guwahati. She owns a premier designer clothing store in Kolkata.

Both were dressed in white on the wedding day. Rupali was dressed in a traditional Mekhla saree belonging to her native background, Assam. Her blouse had various thread work. She had eavy gold jewelry.

Ashish is a resident of Kerala. So he wore a white ‘mundu’ with golden borders. Reaching the threshold of old age, Ashish started a new life. After admitting that, he told the media, “I started life with Rupali at this stage of life. Its a great feeling. A legal marriage took place in the morning. The relatives will come in the evening.”

When asked about how they got introduced,  Rupali said, “We met at the ceremony. Then we exchanged conversations. We met a few days ago and ee decided to get married. We both wanted the wedding to be a family event.”

The fans welcomed this decision of Ashish-Rupali. The wedding pictures came out on social media. The actor is a one-time favourite villain of Bollywood. He has also been seen in several Bengali films. So far he has made more than 300 films in 11 regional languages.