Tuesday 30th May 2023

Small screen actor Aditya Singh Rajput dies of drug overdose!

Small screen actor Aditya Singh Rajput dies of drug overdose!

Another untimely death of a rising star in Bollywood again.

Aditya Singh Rajput of ‘Splitvilla 9’ fame dies at the age of 32. According to Police, drug overdose was the cause of his death. Bollywood was once again stunned as the news spread. Tinsel town is in question again.

Aditya’s death reminded us again of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Aditya was busy with friends till Monday morning. The model, actor, casting director lived on the 11th floor of an elite high-rise in West Andheri, with a friend. After the rest of the people left, he began to vomit heavily due to the drug overdose. He fell while vomiting in the bathroom. His friends came running after hearing the sound. At that time Aditya’s body lay on the floor of the bathroom.

Aditya’s partner then called the security guard of the residence. Both took Aditya to the local hospital. The doctors checked and said that the actor is no more. His body has been sent to Cooper Hospital for post-mortem.

But what was the reason for the actor’s drug use? No one could answer that. However, it is known that his was not doing well for the last few days. But he was busy partying since Sunday night. His Instagram still overflows with all those happy pictures.

Meanwhile, a new video caught everyone’s attention. Where he finds a way to be happy. For Aditya, happiness means food cooked by the mother, loving your pet and watching the pictures with friends. He also emphasized the need for money. But his argument is that you don’t have to pay a lot to buy small happiness. This happiness comes with a little effort.

After watching the video, the question of many people, was Aditya really unhappy like Sushant? The how did drug addiction ruin his life? Or, like Sushant, did the dark side of Bollywood engulf the aspiring actor from Delhi.

Already the news has reached Aditya’s Delhi home from the administration. The mother of the deceased has been told the unpleasant truth. Bollywood is in a new trauma after the untimely death of this popular small screen actor.

Ashok Pandit, self-proclaimed critic Kamal R Khan and his co-stars are in shock. They sent condolence messages on social media. Aditya has more than 300 advertising pictures to his name. He has been seen in several serials including ‘Love’, ‘Aashiqui’, ‘Code Red’.