Saturday 30th Sep 2023


Illicit love! Housewife and her boyfriend thrown out of the village in the middle of the night

The incident of the illegal relationship happened in Daspur. A mother of two was caught with her boyfriend. The villagers evicted them from the area. [...]

One Way Ticket: The Tranquil Chamong Chiabari

By Tiyasha Basu. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, a short way from Mirik lies a tranquil and serene tea estate, Chamong Chiabari. [...]

One Way Ticket: Visit the surreal Bhutanghat

By Tiyasha Basu. Nestled among the mountains near Alipurduar, at the Indo-Bhutan border is a less trodden destination of Dooars calle [...]

Pics of Modi Piggy Bank by Bihar Sculptor goes Viral

News Desk: A sculptor from Bihar's Muzaffarpur has designed a money storage bank in the shape Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statue. [...]

Fattest man in Bodi tribe considered the most eligible

News Desk: In case you though abs are desirable to women, let us guide you on a journey to the Bodi tribe in Ethiopia. Women in this [...]

Kerala Tourism launched ‘In-Car’ dining amid pandemic fear

News Desk: To alleviate health risks and fear while eating out in public restaurants amid the pandemic, Kerala Tourism Development Co [...]

Mysterious ‘bean-shaped’ island spotted in the Arabian sea

News Desk: A recently viral screenshot from Google Earth shows a mysterious island off the coast of Kerala, in Arabian sea. The bean-shaped island, wh [...]

Ziona Chana, man with 38 wives dies at 76 in Mizoram

News Desk: Ziona Chana (76), believed to be the head of world's largest family with 38 wives and 89 children, passes away, in Mizoram [...]

Sonu Sood launches new scholarship for IAS aspirants

News Desk: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and a New Delhi-based organization DIYA Delhi have together launched an initiative to provide co [...]

Bodybuilder in threesome with two sex dolls

News Desk: Yuri Tolochko, a professional bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, married to two sex dolls has now said that he is planning to in [...]
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