Saturday 30th Sep 2023


Rubber cultivation providing platform to rebuild Covid hit rural economy

News Desk: Tripura Government has accorded the highest priority to the growth of the primary sector – the agri-allied sectors – t [...]

Kerala govt. announces third financial package for businesses

News Desk: Kerala finance minister KN Balagopal announced a financial package of Rs 5,000 crore on Fri [...]

“Fireball” from fuel tanker explosion killed 13 in Kenya

News Desk: Thirteen people were killed and even more grievously burned when a “huge fireball” engulfed a crowd in Kenya as they s [...]

First Look of Revamped Gandhinagar Railway station Revealed

News Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this Friday will attend the inauguration of remodeled Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station. [...]

Fattest man in Bodi tribe considered the most eligible

News Desk: In case you though abs are desirable to women, let us guide you on a journey to the Bodi tribe in Ethiopia. Women in this [...]

Top slab of Kolkata’s Airport Metro Station completed

News Desk: After a time that seems like eternity, the construction of the upper slab of the Airport Metro Station has been completed [...]

Real Life Tarzan Had ‘No Idea’ Woman’s Exist, feels Mod World is ‘Noisy’

News Desk: A man who dwelled in full isolation in the wildernesses of Vietnam with his father and brother for 41 years didn't know th [...]

These symptoms can indicate lack of sperm in men

By Staff Reporter. The main sign of low sperm count is the inability to conceive a child. In most people there are no other obvious s [...]

Social media firms must shut down fake profiles within 24hrs

News Desk: The Centre, acting on new rules, has mandated that popular social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and [...]

Delta Plus now a Variant of Concern In India; back with 3 news features

News Desk: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday declared the Delta Plus (AY.1) variant as a variant of concern (VOC) [...]
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